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Comment by Afaye on 11 Sep 2011 at 10:06 am

I am a simple man from China.  I read Richard Baer’s Switching Time.  it’s not only an book, it’s a dictionary.  Thank you for giving me such a wonderful time.  It’s my first time I can’t sleep after reading a book.  Hope u geting well, thank you, thank you, take care. kiss u

Dear Afaye,

Thank you for sharing!  Switching Time is not meant to be a dictionary or guide book, but we did hope it would teach people about an incomprehensible illness. Our book is the story of one psychiatrist, Richard Baer, and one patient, me, and how we managed to work together as a team to heal me through many years of work.  I believe Dr. Baer did a great job! Our story is a success story shared. Our journey to heal me came from building mutual trust and respect. I’m grateful for all that Dr. Baer has done for me and for the reward of being able to bring knowledge and understanding to people.

I’m doing well; I thank you for your concern.

Wishing you all my best!


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