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admin on Mar 8th 2012

Comment by Concoydu on 10 Feb 2012 at 6:15 pm

Hey Karen,

I just finished your book today. And I will probably go through all the answers you gave here (already done with a couple months) and will admire you even more with each day.

You ARE an inspiration, with the strength and love inside you. I am fascinated by you. What you’ve been through was not your fault, you did what you can do to cope. (On that page, it’s incredible what a mind is capable of.) But after everything, what fascinates more is you could became “one”. From the person that came into the office of Dr.Baer, you could have become this person who answers these mails from all around the world (I’m from Turkey by the way, it’s a proof how much you reached through).

Such a journey. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I know little things can change so much in person, and anyone reading this can see the world from a different angle. I know I did. So, thank you.

With love,


Dear Cancoydu,

You’re welcome! Greetings from me to you and yours in Turkey! Thank you so much so sharing with such confidence and joy! I’m touched by your kindness and feel inspired to continue doing my best to share and help bring encouragement to all on their personal journey to wellness. I’ve been blessed with an over abundance of great friends I’ve met through sharing my story around the world. I’ve never felt so much love as I do now. I wake each day feeling inspired to be my best self. I’m grateful to be alive and well and able to live a life I once thought impossible.

Thank you for caring!


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