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Excellent book! Your life story is indeed amazing. I noticed that your alters range not only in age and gender, but also in race with one being black. Were any of the others a different nationality? Each person was so unique. What do you believe is the reason for the wide range of diversity of your alters? Also, how did the alters get their names?

Dear Kim,

Thank you for your compliment! I believe my alters, being “born” at different times during my childhood, came to be in order to protect me at different times or whenever I’d suffer a new traumatic experience that the existing alters couldn’t handle. I recall wishing I was adopted or was a person of a different race and didn’t belong to my family. I’d watch television and wish I were one of the cast members in a show such as Lassie, Father Know’s Best, Leave it to Beaver, Nanny & The Professor, etc. I’m not sure of all the nationalities of my alters, but I do know that Katherine was a school teacher and a nanny from England, Elise came from Hungary, Julie from Poland, Sidney was Australian, and Jensen was born African-American.

I believe my alter, Jensen, who was black, came from my trying not to be predjudiced like my father and grandfather. I heard my father degrade all other races, but mostly he hated blacks. I recall hearing my father’s horrible words against people of color. I believe my mind created Jensen, an artist, not only to bring color into my inner world, changing all that I saw as gray into beautiful colors of the rainbow, but to also teach me about people of color.

The ages and names of my alters were created to fill a need at the time they were created. Most of the alters names came from relatives, television shows, and people I may have known. Holdon was an alter that used the phrase “Hold On” quite often, until one day he just became Holdon. Miles’ name came while traveling many miles to an aunt’s house.


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