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admin on Jul 27th 2008

Comment by Louis on July 25, 2008 3:56 pm

Read book. I admire your courage to tell your story. Can’t help but wonder how are your relationships with your children, ex husband and mother nowadays?

Dear Louis,

These are difficult questions for me to answer. My relationships with my children are doing well. They have encouraged me to share my story and have been a great support. My daughter has read the book and understands all that I’ve gone through. She has told me she is amazed that I was such a good mom despite all I went through. My son hasn’t read the book yet. He will in his own time. He is doing well, happy, and living his own life. I am proud of them both.

I haven’t heard from my ex-husband in many months. He has quit drinking, after a health scare, has attended AA meetings, and is working in another state. I don’t hate him. I want to wish him well.

I’ve accepted my mother for who she is, but will never forget the grief she caused me by ignoring me when I was a child. My mother and I have talked about some of the abuse I suffered, but she continues to play innocent, as if she didn’t know. I believe she knew. Since my father’s and grandfather’s deaths, she has changed somewhat. The abuse she suffered at their hands has also ended. However, it continues to be painful for me to engage in any conversations with her, so I don’t. For me, avoidance is best.


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