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Comment by Nathaniel Lennon J on 17 Apr 2009 at 2:20 pm

I felt privileged to read your story. What great courage you have. What great partnership with Richard Baer. I felt my way through each pain you encountered including each stressful moment your doctor encountered. Have you really not lost time since integration in 1998? Over ten years you must’ve come across thousands of times where pushed beyond you linitations. Have you not lost time, honestly? How do you explain that? Did you ever want to go back and rcreate your old alters? Is it possible even to do so? Bravo to you and Richard Baer. I will tell others about your book and this blog. Thank you very much for your time.

Dear Nathaniel,

Thank you for all of your compliments, especially for recognizing the hard work and effort Dr. Baer and I expended together to heal me.

It’s true, I have not lost time since integration was complete in 1998.  I admit, there were more than a few times I wished I could escape from some immediate stress that I couldn’t handle.  I believe alters are created during a child’s formative years, when a child has no other capacity of how to handle stressful situations.  Adults have choices that children do not.

Despite all that I have experienced since integration and living my life as one person, I never once lost time after integration was complete.  I can’t figure out why, but once each alter’s integration was complete, each alter became a permanent part of me, with no walls to divide me from them. My alters are now blended and merged together, never to be separated again.

For me, I was the lucky one.  Integration worked.  I am now one woman.  I believe it’s impossible to re-create my past alters in their individual states, because each alter is now “me.”

Thank you for sharing our story with others! Dr. Baer and I truly appreciate your support.


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