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admin on Apr 19th 2009

Comment by Natalee on 17 Apr 2009 at 7:27 pm

Dear Karen,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your comments on the USoT Message Board. I will look forward to your comments next season also. I admire you for telling your story to your Doctor and then to us. I know I learned more from your answers, on here and the message board and am pissed Oprah hasn’t acknowledge your story for her show. I get angry thinking of all the people she has on and can’t comprehend why not you. I wrote her twice about you and she never wrote back.  I no longer respect her decision making staff. I would like to talk to Dr. Baer. Is he available to answer a few questions for me?  What’s his email address?  Thank you.

Dear Natalee,

Thank you for your compliments!  I am glad that you found understanding of multiplicity through my answers here and on the USoT message board. Please know that my answers and thoughts come from my personal experiences and opinions. I am not a professional therapist. I do my best to share but I can’t give advice.

I’m not sure why Oprah hasn’t invited Dr. Baer or myself to her show. There must be a reason, although our story continues to help people in its own way. Time will tell, and if more people are interested in seeing Dr. Baer or me on Oprah, maybe letters will change their mind.

If you have questions for Dr. Baer, post them here, and maybe he and I can answer them together.


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