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Comment by Concerned Therapist LA on 19 Apr 2009 at 9:37 am

Are you saddened by your loss of alter support? I would think you would be more depressed with life. The way I see it is you must be suffering greatly and not saying a word to anyone. I would guess you think your protecting people. I would guess people think they know you when they don’t. A good shrink would spot this in a second. I am a therapist. Read your story including each answer given.

Dear Concerned Therapist,

There is no need for you or anyone else to be concerned over my therapeutic relationship with Dr. Baer.  And I haven’t lost alter support because all of my ex-alters have integrated within me.  And I certainly haven’t lost Dr. Baer’s support. I have also been fortunate to have received great support from friends, family, co-workers, and all those who write here on my blog. I am far from feeling depressed over sharing my story.

What can and does depress me at times is the sadness that comes from living in the real world, just like everyone else. Of course, there have been some stressful and depressing moments as I try my best to adjust to the reality of life as one person.

In part it is true that I tend to protect others by not sharing my pain, but that is a normal part of who I am, with or without my alters. I’ve always thought of myself as too intense for most to handle. Therefore, I rarely share with anyone in depth. Other than with Dr. Baer, I share with only a very few close friends.  Dr. Baer can tell whenever I become too stressed. I bet he knows even before I share it with him.

Thank you for being concerned and sharing your thoughts. My answers come from my heart in hope to help others through their own journey.


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