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Karen answers Chloe

Richard Baer on Feb 13th 2011

Comment by Chloe on 01 Jan 2011 at 10:12 am

Dear Karen,

Thank you for caring to write back to me on face book. I was so sad last night I wanted to die and all your optimistic posts helped me get through the night. I swear you should write your own book . I spent hours just on your page. People like you we need. Let the perverted bastards be afraid of you. Advice is good. I did not go out with my abusive boyfriend last night. I am at peace today.

Thank you, Happy New Year!

Chloe, age 20

Dear Chloe,

You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing! I am glad you chose to stay away from abuse. But remember, I’m not a therapist and can’t give therapeutic advice. My advice comes from my personal opinions, but I was glad to be there for you at a time you need someone to listen. Please seek help for yourself and know that no one deserves to be mistreated. Abuse is abuse. There is no justifying it. When you shared with me you knew in your heart things needed to change, I knew you were on your path to healing. I’m proud of you for trusting your instincts. It’s important to take a step back and understand what brings on feelings of wanting to die. I am glad you feel at peace.

Happy New Year!


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Karen answers Patty

Richard Baer on Feb 13th 2011

Comment by Patty on 30 Dec 2010 at 8:57 pm

Happy New Year, Karen! Keep on doing what you’re doing!
 God is good! He blessed us with you!


Dear Patty!

Thank you! How sweet you are to encourage me to continue doing what I do best! That means a lot to me!

Yes, God is good! I am blessed, especially knowing I have friends like you…

Happy New Year to you, too!


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Karen answers Eleanore

Richard Baer on Feb 13th 2011

Comment by Elenore on 27 Dec 2010 at 5:56 pm

Hi Karen,

You are most inspiring! Thank you for having the courage to share your story and vision. Amazing book! Will there be a sequel? All my love, Sweetheart, for a prosperous New Year!


Dear Eleanor,

You’re welcome! Thank you for your kind thoughts and compliments! Yes, I’m writing the sequel to Switching Time. It’s in the works and I hope for it to be published some day. It’s nice to hear that there’s an interest in my continued story. There’s much more to share, and this time my story will follow my life’s up and downs after integration. My shocking journey… continues on.

Thank you for the New Years wishes. Wishing you a wonderful New Year, too!


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Karen answers Stella

Richard Baer on Feb 13th 2011

Comment by Stella on 26 Dec 2010 at 3:50 pm

Hey Karen hope your holidays were good. Nice to see your website working again. It was down for about a few weeks? Did you know that? Well…welcome back! I was thinking of all that you are. Sending you a HUGE hug! What is your favorite Christmas song? And what do you like about snow?


Dear Stella,

Thank you for your concern. I didn’t know the Web site was down, but I did notice fewer comments coming in. I am glad to hear it’s working again.

My favorite Christmas song is “The Little Drummer Boy.” Whenever I hear the rup-a-pum-pum of the drums, I get the chills. I love snow simply because it’s beautiful, fresh, peaceful, and calming. Knowing that no two snow flakes are alike brings special meaning to me because although we’re all different, we can create beauty if we stick together, care, and love each other.

Thank you for the “hug”; sending one back to you! 🙂


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Karen answers Kelly

Richard Baer on Feb 13th 2011

Comment by Kelly Hendrix on 16 Dec 2010 at 11:34 am

I am the wife of a lovely man who has suffered similar to you, but differently in that he was gang raped by his step-father and his cop friend….we are living in hell…he kept his shame a secret until this year…so for 22 years…he lived alone with the chaos in his mind. I am reading the book about your life now and I am crying for you and my husband daily. Your courage will give me hope to see John thru to our end…and hopefully integrating.

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for writing! I’m glad that your husband shared his pain with you. It’s not easy to share the abuse suffered in one’s past, but be assured that once your husband accepts his being abused, the weight of the emotional burden he’s held inside by keeping his horrific secret becomes less to carry. It takes time to heal.

I am glad for the therapy I received. My alters caused too much chaos for me. Of course, my alters were a God sent coping mechanism for me as a child. I know my alters always served my best interests helping me to survive. But as an adult I needed them less. I never really lost my alters; I am my alters and my alters are me. Integration gave me peace.

I never imagined I would feel acceptance, respect, support, and encouragement during the process of telling all, but I did. There is a sense of calm in being free of the bind of lies that once held me prisoner within myself. By sharing, seeking help, and healing, I am in control. If I had not shared and acknowledged my abuse, I would have allowed my abusers to control me from the grave. Being a survivor means releasing, letting go, gaining knowledge from what happened, and moving forward by helping yourself and others.

I have a bad day now and then, but at least I know where my dark thoughts come from. My dark thoughts belong in my past and are no longer welcome in my present or my future.

Best of luck to you!


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Karen answers Agnes Rose

Richard Baer on Feb 13th 2011

Comment by Agnes Rose on 08 Dec 2010 at 5:57 pm

Thank you Karen for being you! I am a student of psychology and was given your book as an assignment. I didn’t want to do the assignment or read your book because I did not believe your illness to be a real. I didn’t even believe you were real. But you ARE real and your illness IS real. Your story taught me so much. I am grateful to you for opening my shut eyes. I was a pessimist. Now I think before judging. Everyone MUST read your story if they want to be a good therapist.

Agnes Rose

Dear Agnes Rose,

Thank you! I admire you for reading on and sending me a note. I love hearing stories of doubt changed to belief. That means a lot to me.

Yes, I am real.  And yes, I truly believe reading stories like mine can help a therapist to become her best.

Wishing you an exciting journey as you discover more.  Happy studying!


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Karen answers Morgan

Richard Baer on Feb 13th 2011

Comment by Morgan on 09 Feb 2011 at 3:11 pm

Dear Karen,

I am doing a research paper for my Junior Honors English class, on multiple personality disorder and I was wondering if there was any way I could interview you through e-mail?

Dear Morgan,

Of course, I would love to help with your paper.  Please contact me through my Karen Overhill Facebook account.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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Karen answers Leelah

Richard Baer on Feb 3rd 2011

Comment by Leelah on 06 Dec 2010 at 12:37 am

In Beth’s comment about Kim Noble, what did she mean by Kims therapist was unable to disclose confidentiality even with Kims permission.


Dear Leelah,

I’m not sure what Beth meant by her comment regarding being unable to disclose confidentiality even with Kim’s permission. Perhaps it has something to do with Kim not completing her therapy and still being her patient.  I don’t really know; usually the patient can decide when to release confidentiality. Dr. Baer didn’t publish my story until after we severed our therapeutic relationship.

I believe my story was meant to be shared. If no one shares their experience, then how can we learn from each other? Knowledge brings strength and understanding for those who suffer. I believe sharing Switching Time was in my best interest. I have written thousands of pages during my therapy to support my mental well-being. Venting using the written word has helped me through many difficult times. Dr. Baer and I discussed at length his writing my story. I do not regret sharing. As a matter of fact, I continue to write each day and hope to publish a second book to compliment Dr Baer’s first.

Thank you for asking. It’s important to me to help in the best way I can.


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Karen answers Arlene

Richard Baer on Feb 3rd 2011

Comment by Arlene on 04 Dec 2010 at 3:15 pm

What amazes me is your candid frank discussions of your past without fear in your voice! I am inspired by you. The fact that you have overcome your abusive past and can maintain a sense of humor despite all the negativism surrounding you is nothing short of a true miracle. I loved that you were at ease and able to laugh some. I agree with others who say your story is meant to be shared. I hope you and Dr. Baer continue to shed light on MPD. The interview on Mr. Rogers show really explained a lot. I hope to hear more. What did Dr. Baer think of you after the interview? Was he angry? Being that this was your first interview live did you freak out or need to study or prepare answers ahead of time? Regardless of what anyone thinks I thought you and Dr. Baer did great! You compliment each other! His professionalism and your kind spirit! Congratulations on your first live interview. Hope to hear more!

Thank you.


Dear Arlene,

Thank you for sharing! Your thoughts are right on target. I do my best to share my journey. I no longer fear my past and therefore I’m able to share in confidence. I’m a survivor. My sense of humor comes from being able to move forward. I can’t diminish my past abuse. It happened. Instead, it’s my desire to bring hope. If I allow myself to wallow in self-pity, I will spiritually die. By moving on without fear, I’m helping others see that there can be sunshine instead of darkness. I believe in letting go of anger, and that laughter is the best medicine. Without my optimism, my abusers might have destroyed my spirit.

I did not ask what Dr. Baer thought of me at the end of the interview. Angry? I’m not sure I understand why he would be. I think he thought it went well. The Illumination interview was not pre-planned. It was live and we answered questions as they came. Mr. Roger and Sam did a great job. I believe it went well, too!  We have done interviews together before. We have a shared an experience like no other. We are a great team, and do our best to share in a respectful, hopeful way. I do not think Dr. Baer would think any less of me no matter what. We respect each other. And that’s what matters most.

Thank you for your support and encouragement! I’m sure if we are asked, Dr. Baer and I will continue to share our story in interviews for as long as there continues to be an interest in multiplicity and healing.

Wishing you all my best!


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Karen answers Samantha Lynn

Richard Baer on Feb 3rd 2011

Comment by Samantha Lynn on 03 Dec 2010 at 10:12 pm


Please post the interview again. I missed part of it. You and Richard were amazing. I have become of fan of Mr. Roger and Sam because anyone who respects you two, deserves my respect. Lots of love sent your way…


Dear Sam,

Thank you! I will post the interview link below.  Thank you for asking and sharing. I, too, have become friends of Mr. Roger, Sam and their Illumination broadcast. They’ve each shown great respect towards Dr. Baer and me. For that I am grateful.


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