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Karen answers Connor

Richard Baer on Feb 27th 2012

Comment by Connor on 15 Nov 2011 at 6:38 am

I just want to say that I find the book to be absolutely mind bending. I was stunned at the cruelty to which you were exposed. I am pleased you were able to heal over time. I have, along with a few friends have been endlessly discussing your story. We just need to ask (I haven’t finished Baer’s novel yet) if you are living life to the fullest. I hope you have been able to embrace the positives of life and if you have been able to shed the skin of your childhood and middle years. You see I would just be happy to know that it is possible to be able to ‘move on’ as it were. Do you still switch?  I know it is probably in the novel but unfortunately I am rather busy so I have to read it in small dosages, and if you still feel the presence of the other facets of you.

Dear Connor,

Thank you for sharing! I have to agree that my story is mind-bending; it was for me, too! I believe Dr. Baer did an amazing job.  He included enough facts so that anyone who reads it, including me, can understand what it was like to not only treat me, but to deal with so much coming from one patient.

Though it has taken me many years to heal, I consider myself on a lifetime journey to heal to improve my life and allow me to fully live my life. I am living as my best self and though I have much more to learn, rediscover, and experience, I welcome all new challenges with confidence. Emotional triggers come and go, but I’m now my best self and have found the ability to be happy, feel loved, and love life.

I no longer switch, because there is no need to. I deal with all life issues on my own without alter interference. I believe my alters are me and I am now my alters. I can’t tell whether my thoughts come from them or me. We are one woman with a healthy variety of interests.

Thank you for your questions! I would like to hear your thoughts when you finish reading!

Wishing you all my best!


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Karen answers Terrell

Richard Baer on Feb 27th 2012

Comment by Terrell on 09 Nov 2011 at 2:03 pm

What makes you different than most? What have you accepted about yourself knowing what you learned about yourself, your past? Are you at peace with yourself?

Dear Terrell,

First of all, Yes, I am at peace with myself. I do not consider myself different than any other survivor from child abuse. Why? Because abuse is abuse and we each deal with it differently. Though unique in many ways, I am no more unique than anyone else except for the fact that I had alternate personalities dividing my memories of past abuse in order to help me survive. Having dissociative identity disorder was simply the way I dealt with my abuse. It was my coping mechanism. I acknowledged my past abuse and know it was not my fault. I was a victim, a child who happened to be abused.

Thank you for asking these important questions that led to changing my life.


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