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Richard Baer on May 28th 2009

Comment from Barbara on 23 May 2009 at 5:58 pm
Hi Karen!
I never heard of you or Richard Baer until a fellow student quoted the both of you during her commencement speech last week. A few days after the ceremony I ordered your book. I had time before starting a new position as a social worker. I read it in one day! ST captured not only my interest but my heart. I cried at the end when Richard Baer hugged you. The love felt in the book between the both of you was inspirational.
I am glad to have read your book before I begin my career. I don’t understand why Switching Time wasn’t a required part of our studies? What a benefit it could’ve been to gain the knowledge of Richard Baer’s treatment of you and your determination to heal. I sent off an email to my entire address book sharing your book.
Thank you kindly, for the both of you have changed my thoughts on MPD/DID. Why isn’t your book easily available? I ordered my copy on-line.
Dear Barbara,
Congratulations on beginning your new position as a social worker.  I appreciate your sharing your thoughts on how valuable Switching Time was to you, and how you believe that our book should be a required part of a social worker’s and therapist’s studies. Dr. Baer and I also believe and hope that Switching Time will provide an excellent case study for new, upcoming students, as well as those already in practice throughout the health care field. MPD/DID is a real illness that needs to be acknowledged and studied.
Dr. Baer and I hope that  more teachers will hear about our book and use it in their classrooms.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Baer and I will be sending out a copy of our book to many colleges soon.  Our book is availbale in most bookstores, in airports, and online. Switching Time is also available in most public libraries.
Thank you for all your compliments, thoughts, and suggestions.

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