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Richard Baer on May 28th 2009

Comment by Psychology Enthusiast on 26 May 2009 at 11:37 pm
Hey Karen!
Did you watch the new show, Mental? I think it’s awesome even though some of the characters annoy me. I know you reviewed and made comments on The United States of Tara show. I would love to hear your thoughts on this new FOX show. It started tonight at 8pm. Another quick question: Was Richard Baer like this guy or more by the book? My idea is that he was more like this doctor. If he weren’t you wouldn’t be here.
Psychology enthusiast
Dear Psychology Enthusiast,
Yes, I did happen to watch the first episode of the new show “Mental.”  I’m still trying to decide how I feel about it.  I have many thoughts and a few concerns.  Like USoT, it’s a TV show and not realistic.  I do like the idea of the main doctor being casual and intelligent at the same time.  I also liked the idea that the doctors sought out more information by leaving the hospital to meet and talk with the patient’s friends and family members.
Dr. Baer never talked to anyone I knew.  Sometimes when I look back I wish he had.  Besides, I always hated “suits” and believed doctors who appeared too formal, came across as powerful, intimidating, superior, and not easy to discuss problems with.  That wasn’t my case, however, but it definitely took me longer to build rapport.  I needed to feel at ease and for me, casual meant equal and non-threatening.  So, I tried my best to ignore Dr. Baer’s more formal dress and focused on his voice.  I never really paid much attention to his looks either.  For me, I became attuned to his spirit.  I always “heard” his voice.  That’s how I survived.  So, in a sense, Dr. Baer was more like the head doctor of the show and not threatening. 
I’m glad there’s a new show that describes how patients need to be treated.  If I were treated as an outcast, shipped off to another stuck up therapist, group therapy, or drugged with unnecessary drugs, I would’nt have healed.  No meds, talk therapy built on trust, respect, and my determination to grow. That’s how I survived.
All therapists need to listen to their patients first, and not immediately drug them.  I was fortunate Dr. Baer listened to me and acted in my best interests.
Thank you for sharing.

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