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Richard Baer on May 28th 2009

Comment by Jessie on 27 May 2009 at 7:08 pm
Hello Karen,
I happen to be in Arizona and there was a woman there who claimed to be you. She was talking to this group of people and since I read your book I knew she couldn’t be you. I felt confused so I needed to write to you and ask, no offense meant, just need to ask. May I ask, were you in Arizona last Sunday afternoon at noon? She didn’t look like the pictures of you that were on GMA. What she was saying made her appear crazy. People, at least forty gathered around her and listened intently. I didn’t have a good feeling about this but listened too. I respect your decision for sharing your story but what about the people who cause your book problems. If this was you I have to make this remark. I no longer like you. I admired the Karen of Switching Time.
Jessica “Jessie”
Dear Jessie,
Thank you for sharing this with me.  No, I was not in Arizona last Sunday.  The woman you saw was indeed an imposter trying to pose as me. How weird!  Why she would do so makes no sense to me.  What could she possibly gain?  Nothing monetary, I hope.  In a way her actions fascinate me.  What was she thinking?  Is she an admirer or someone simply seeking attention?  It doesn’t really matter much.  In the long run, it’s just inappropriate publicity.  Hopefully, someone checked her story out and reported her.
Dr. Baer and I worked very hard to keep all that we have done and written true and consistent.  This woman damages our efforts.  It is our hope to bring awareness and knowledge to those who wish to learn more about multiplicity.  
In your comment, you didn’t mentioned many details.  However, if you know this woman, and/or anyone associated with what’s she’s doing, please notify someone.  I pray that the woman who impersonates me doesn’t do so again.  
Thank you for letting me know about this. I appreciate that you took the time to care and share your concerns.

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