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Richard Baer on May 16th 2010

Comment by Alicia from Maine on 04 May 2010 at 8:19 pm

Hi Karen,

I have D.I.D. and read what you said about not reading about your diagnosis during therapy and agree with you but my therapist actually gave me YOUR book to read? I have not read it because of what you said. I do not wish to defy my therapist but what do you think about it? Could you ask Richard Baer if he thinks it’s a good idea? do you think I should ask for a second opinion? Is your book a guideline for us patients? If my therapist gave me the book you would think it safe for me. I feel very uncomfortable right now. I received the book one week ago and have an appointment in two weeks. I have ten parts and am considering integration. I read your blog once a week but have not read your story by Richard Baer. I first heard of you from my therapist.


Dear Alicia,

Thank you for writing and sharing your confusion. First, please know that Switching Time is not a self help book or a manual for therapists to treat multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder. I agree, Switching Time may be instructive for therapists and patients about how one treatment was conducted successfully, but it was never intended to replace a therapist’s good judgment.

Dr. Baer never suggested any books or other information regarding multiplicity during my therapy, but he never discouraged me from any either.  I chose not to read any in fear of causing added turmoil to myself and my alters. In my opinion, although I’m not a therapist, there is no reason to add someone else’s story to your therapy. It’s hard enough to get through each day, with a group of alters causing chaos, without outside influence.

You may be different.  I’m not sure why your therapist introduced my story to you, but before you begin to read Switching Time, go to him and discuss with him the concerns you’ve expressed here. I believe he will listen intently and share his reasons for giving you the book. I have no idea what would’ve happened to my therapy if I chose to read a book like mine, but I am glad I didn’t. That was the best choice for me.

Thank you for sharing that you read my blog.  Trust your instincts and you will know what is best for you.

Wishing you all my best!


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