Karen answers Dupree’s Mom, Amy

Richard Baer on Jun 7th 2010

Comment by Dupree’s Mom, Amy, on 25 May 2010 at 7:00 pm

my goodness my daughter blows my mind sometimes!!! she came to me this evening after reading your Thomas Edison quote and asked if you were the one that Switching Time was about….i said yes and she asked if she could read it. i told her it was waaaaay too grown up for her…that it even made ME cry and that she will need to be older to read it. i told her that i had hoped you would write a children’s book someday and she said she really wants to read it and wanted me to tell her what was so bad that i cried….i explained the basics..that all the grown ups that were supposed to take care of you hurt you in very very serious ways. she wanted to know how old you were…she was upset that you were so young. then i tried to explain Multiples….i hope i did it justice Karen!! i likened it to when you are sitting in class and you dont want to be there so you day dream…your mind takes over and pretty soon you arent in class anymore and you dont have ANY idea what the teacher said or what you missed when you “come back”. i explained that for you, the things that happened to you were so painful that your mind made lots and lots of people to take you away and try to help you forget what was happening and then other people were made to help you live the best you could……she thought that was pretty amazing….

we love you miss karen….you are such a testament to the strength we all posess no matter what…

you are just amazing. im grateful to have your story to tell my daughter and im so glad my boyfriend read it!! i’m so glad my “sister wife” Nikkee let me borrow it!!!.

now write that childrens book!!!!

Dear Amy,

You’re daughter IS amazing! I love that she put two and two together on her own, had a question, and came to you with it! How wonderful to hear that her trust in you is solid. I could never go to my mom about anything. I was threatened into silence and trusted no one. My alters became my family.

I loved the way you explained multiplicity to your daughter, Dupree. I couldn’t have done better myself. That’s why I share my story, to bring awareness to adults who in turn gain the knowledge to be aware and share with their children. Your daughter may be a bit to young for the book, but not too young to know that there are people who can hurt her.

I am writing a sequel and a companion book for children on trusting their instincts. I believe there are many signs to be aware of if we pay attention to them. My hope is to bring awareness to all so that no children suffer as I have.

I believe I survived for a reason. God willing, I will continue to use my voice to help to the best of my ability.

Thank you, Amy and Dupree, for sharing! Thank you Nikkee for your support! I am touched and shedding happy tears as I write…

Have a wonderful day!


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