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Richard Baer on Jun 7th 2010

Comment by Aubrey on 28 May 2010 at 7:38 am

Karen! You are AWESOME and INSPIRING! Thank you Thank you Thank you for each new day’s encouraging moments on facebook and here! When I wake I check my facebook and know there will be some form of wisdom from you. I enjoy it! Don’t worry if you need time for yourself BECAUSE you have stored many good stuff in your BOXES. I like your Photo quotes too.

Whatever comes my way, there is something in your box that speaks rights to my heart. Thank you for surviving to share with us opinions! Love ya!

Aubrey, from Seattle

Dear Aubrey,

Thank you for your kind thoughts and compliments!  I am touched by your checking for inspiration on my Facebook page!  When I check Facebook each morning, I search for the same type of inspiration. It helps me start my day, too! We are all the same! We all need a bit of inspiration each day.

Please know that all I post here and on Facebook comes from my heart and brings meaning to my life. I believe if something helps me get moving it may help someone else. I share because I care.

Wishing you happiness and a sense of calm!


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