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Richard Baer on Apr 16th 2013

Comment by Daniel, psychologist in training, on 16 Aug 2012 at 4:13 pm

Karen! I picked up my required reading texts, included was Switching Time. I start college in a few days and did not need to start reading anything yet but could not put your book down. I am excited to delve into debate and conversation about your story. I love a challenge and you my lady, are going to be one fine challenge! I may decide to use your story for my thesis. I have learned from Baer’s approach and treatment. That’s the kind of MD I would like to be. Must keep an open mind. Are you in continued therapy at this time? Hope you stay well!

Dear Daniel,

That’s exciting news! Wishing you great success in your studies. I’m glad to hear that you have learned much from Dr. Baer.

I’m not in therapy at this time, but I do attend “Celebrate Recovery” which is a blessing to me. I’ll receive my two-year coin in May. I continue to grow in faith and purpose and look forward to completing the sequel to my story.

Thank you for sharing. I love being a challenge, so if any debate questions arise, please know you can write to me.


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