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Richard Baer on Apr 16th 2013

Comment by Rob on 28 Jul 2012 at 5:27 pm

Karen, if you are among the living I would be interested to know whether you considered donating your brain to science? Neurology? Have you met Colin Ross MD? Ross appeared on a show Dark Matters and I bet he would like your brain or pick your brain if you are alive. Ross did extensive research on dissociative disorder including hypnosis. I have not found a greater case study than yours. Richard Baer did an outstanding job with you. Best wishes. HJL MD

Dear Rob, HJL MD,

Interesting questions… but no, I’ve never thought of donating my brain because to me all brains look alike. Besides, no one has ever asked me to do so. Not even Dr. Baer! And he treated me!

Though I’ve never met Dr. Colin Ross, I did write to him and received a letter from him that invited us to meet. However, after I responded he never followed up, so I assumed he was no longer interested. You may be right as to Dr. Ross picking my brain. Though I believe I’m the only documented multiple to have lived and survived through complete integration, he may find my story unbelievable. I’m still interested in meeting with him one day.

Thank you for your compliments on Richard Baer’s work. Yes, I agree, he did an outstanding job on me!


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