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Richard Baer on Aug 18th 2013

Comment by Pearl Diver on 16 Dec 2012 at 8:53 pm

I tell my alter, “Be a pearl; hide evil memories from me; don’t show them to me.”

You know a pearl has a sand grain in its center.

So that is where ‘alters’ come from; they are ‘pearls’ hiding evil memories from the root personality inside a shining pearl of beauty.

Tell your alter or alters, “You are a beautiful ‘pearl’. A jewel.”

Then they won’t feel so bad about who and what they are.

And if integration is too difficult or scary, then work towards harmonization.

Dear Pearl Diver,

Thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts. I’m glad you have come to understand your alters.

For me, integration worked! I am free of sharing the world with other parts of me. In the process of integration, I’ve not lost the memory of who my alters were… for now all my alters are me and I am my alters. We’re simply merged together to be one woman with a variety of interests.

Wishing you a peaceful journey to what is best for you and your alters.


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