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Richard Baer on Mar 23rd 2015

Hi Karen.
Picked up Switching Time for s friend as a prank cause she is weird and acts like many people herself.  Since her birthday didn’t get here yet I started to read it.  No joke I sincerely owe you an apology.  No joke you have endured more than anyone I know.  I am overwhelmed and will never judge another book buy its cover or title.  Thank you for having the courage to publish.  I love you.  I will recommend your book to my professor.  Very well written.  You are my new hero.
Dear Harley Lynn,
Love that you read the book before giving it as a gift. It’s funny how we all read a title and laugh to ourselves thinking thoughts that do not compare with the stories written truth. I admit to doing similar things in the past but learned quickly not to judge a book by it’s cover. Thank you for your honesty. I truly believe if people would read my entire story they would come to a better understanding of what my life had been like. I have heard from a few people who stopped reading after the first few chapters and criticized the unknown end. That saddened me for in order to really understand my story, the whole story needs to be read.
Thank you for sharing, for loving me, your compliments and for sharing with your professor. I appreciate your letter.

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