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Richard Baer on Mar 23rd 2015

What have you done the last few years to improve. your newly integrated mind? Do you yourself busy or calm? Do you get headache? Take pain pills? Triggers? Keep yourself well. write about it. I need your newly integrated wisdom. TY

Dear PJ,

Hmmmm…interesting questions. I’m interested in all kinds of things. I have tried many different things, such as helped with Habitat with Humanity, reading mentor, The Landing, which is a teen recovery group with Celebrate Recovery, painted murals, designed many things, write daily, attended bible studies, to name a few. I am filling my time with all that I can. I keep myself busy but in a calm way, for I no longer feel stressed with my choices. There were a few moments I felt triggered but the feeling passed almost immediately due to the way I place the trigger. If for past or future events, there is nothing I can do to change them, if present, then I deal with the said trigger immediately. As far as pain pills, I do once in a while for my fibromyalgia chronic pain, but I prefer natural, holistic approaches to pain therapy and use acupuncture. I no longer suffer the same type of headaches I had while alters were active. Not sure if this is considered integrated wisdom but all that I do is to improve my daily life to function as my best self.

Thank you,

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