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Richard Baer on Mar 23rd 2015

Did you see the Home Run movie tonight?  I read somewhere you attend Celebrate Recovery?  Do you?  Your story is amazing and can inspire people to having hope.  Talk to us.  Tell me about your experience.
Dear Faith heals,

Yes, indeed! I did see the Home Run movie and felt it to be powerful and truthful. Yes, I’ve attended Celebrate Recovery for over three years now.  I started after moving to Texas when my therapy with Dr. Baer ended.  I attend Celebrate Recovery to help with new life challenges.  Newly moved, the loss of my ex-husband, and issues of people pleasing.  I believe it’s necessary to keep myself healthy and Celebrate Recovery has been the place of choice to help me become my best self.  No one is perfect and after the life I lived it is important that I recognized the need for support.  I have met some wonderful new friends who care, encourage, and accept me without judgment.  I never felt better and my faith has increased ten fold.

Thank you for asking!  I recommend Celebrate Recovery.

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