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Richard Baer on Mar 23rd 2015

Karen, I am at home for abuse victims.  I feel like a whore and a wreck after being raped by my father.  In therapy sessions I recalled all.  Last week I confronted my father and asked him why.  He beat me up and asked me why I made him?  Your story helped me cause I thought of killing him but didn’t. Thanks to you I am receiving help.
Dear Levada,

Thank you for sharing.  I’m sorry to hear you were abused. But glad you are receiving help. It takes courage to seek help. Therapy helped me understand. Please know that in no way you are to blame for the abuse at the hands of your father.  When a father abuses his child it’s never the child’s fault.  No child asks to be abused.  I empathize with how you feel about yourself for I felt the same.  Many years were spent feeling shame as if I asked to be abused.  Many years spent believing I was a whore because my father said so.  Many years I dreamt up thoughts of how to kill my father.  But it was never in me kill anyone, and as therapy progressed I learned that bad thoughts were okay but bad actions were not.

Wishing you all my best as you continue your healing journey.

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