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Richard Baer on Jan 19th 2009

Comment by Daley on January 18, 2009 7:02 pm

Oh Man! I read Sybil and Switching Time! Sybil was difficult to read. Switching Time is the new Sybil and has much more factual information for the reader to understand the illness. It’s a shame your doctor and agents didn’t make sure the book Marshall was reading in the first episode of United States if Tara was your book not Sybil. What’s wrong with your publicity team?


Whittier, CA

Dear Daley,

Thank you for your compliments!  I understand what you meant by Sybil being too difficult to read!  I, too, had a hard time getting through it.  I’m glad Switching Time brought you a better understanding of the illness. That is what we’ve hoped for.

Sure, it would’ve been nice if Marshall was reading Switching Time during the first episode of The United States of Tara.  The producers know about our book, but since Switching Time is newer, not as many would recognize it as they would Sybil.

It would’ve been nice if the show portrayed our book. I personally would get a kick out of being a part of this show.

Thank you for your supportive comments!


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