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Richard Baer on Jan 24th 2009

Comment by Marcella on January 22, 2009 3:17 pm

Finished the book! OMG! I think your therapist and you should have been this show. I am privileged to read this book. I changed my mind on your relationship with your therapist. At the beginning of the book I despised him, at the end I understood. Thank you for allowing your story to be told. I admire you guys! Appreciate all your honesty in the answers you share here and there, on IMDb!

Dear Marcella,

Thank you for your confidence and thoughts that Dr. Baer and I should’ve been on this show, we truly do appreciate all of your compliments. I believe The United States of Tara show was already in the making before we were known. Switching Time was published last October, 2007 by Random House. Sure, it would’ve been nice to have a show about us, but most important is to bring awareness of the illness of MPD/DID.

I am glad to hear you changed your mind about Dr. Baer as you read on. We have shared an amazing journey bound by trust and respect.


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