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Richard Baer on May 25th 2009

Comment by Max on 18 May 2009 at 4:40 pm
Hi, Karen! I believe you might remember me; I gave you a couple of comments back in January or February asking about Jensen and his drawings, and what they may’ve represented in his eyes. I’m wondering – since your story has fascinated and inspired me so much, do you think that I could draw a family portrait of all the alters as you’ve described them, as a kind of gift-art? I can upload it to my deviantART so that you can see it. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I figured that I should ask your permission first. Thank you so much =^)
Dear Max,
Thank you for your interest in my story and drawings. I am touched that my story has fascinated and inspired you.  Sure, I’d love to see how you imagine my alters and me.  I don’t see any harm in sharing your art work.  I would love to view your gift-art portrait of my “alter family” as you see them.  I would love to see how you envision each alter’s personality.  Maybe we can link to your drawing here from our Web site.
One of my favorite quotes came from Jonathan Swift: “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” This quote can be interpreted in many ways, but for me, I truly believe we each see something magical that the next person can’t.  Art is individual, unique, and a fingerprint to one’s being.  I say, go for it!

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