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Richard Baer on May 25th 2009

Comment by Lisa, a homeless person, on 19 May 2009 at 9:43 am
I watched Oprah today and her guests were heroes who help people get through tough times. She doesn’t add the people like you and Baer who help people to emotionally survive just by answering questions and sharing… I wonder why? Thank you for feeding me when I was hungry. Thank you for listening to me when I needed it. Thanks for caring and treating me special and not like the mentally ill. I once respected the Oprah staff for their choices. Wrote them about you and they didn’t care. I wonder why? Glad you are around. I heard you help so much that you are broke. I’m one of the ones you helped. I’m sorry I couldn’t pay you back.
Dear Lisa,
You’re welcome! I was glad to be in the right place at the right time and able to temporarily help you when you needed someone.  I believe there is a reason for everything, and that our paths cross in the most unexpected and unusual ways. I hope you’re doing well.  I assume you’ve found comfort in the library and are learning to use the computer.  I’m glad you took my advice.   I believe in you.  I know you are very intelligent and with proper care can accomplish great things.  Please take care of yourself and seek the help we discussed.  Please don’t be ashamed.  We all need help at some point in our lives.
I’m happy to hear from you, and of your concern on why Dr. Baer or I haven’t been invited to be a guest on the Oprah Show.  I believe you are very talented to have recognized me in my disguise on the Good Morning America Show.  Not many recognized me, but you did.  Amazing!  There’s is no way to know how Oprah’s staff picks her topics.  I appreciate your kind thoughts regarding my being a hero along with Dr. Baer.  I also appreciate your keeping my identity confidential.  Thank you.
Regarding being unable to pay me back, please pay it forward, and help someone else in need when you can.
Wishing you peace as you continue your own journey to wellness.

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