Karen answers “One Who Admires Me”

Richard Baer on May 28th 2009


Comment by One who admires you on 25 May 2009 at 4:03 pm
Did you know your answers provide the best examples of trauma, dissociation, and DID? Are you aware that you’re answers are being used over and over agin in newspaper article, medical conferences, and speeches? Are you aware that people are stealing your words right from your site? What are Richard Baer and your agent doing to protect your rights? You should own your own copy rights for your answers. I am a writer in New York, work for a prominent publishing company, have crossed checked your answers, which are excellent. Be aware, stay cautious,trust no one. My personal advice. Given for free. I admire you.
Dear One Who Admires Me,
Thank you for admiring me!  I have taken your advice to heart and understand what you are trying to discreetly share with me.  I appreciate your concern, and Dr. Baer, our agents, and the wonderful team of people who work with us do their best to keep me safe.  As far as I am concerned, Dr. Baer holds the rights to our Web site, and my answers given here.
I’m sure there are many articles that may have quoted me and/or Dr. Baer.  That’s okay with me because it spreads our story.  I feel touched whenever someone quotes me or uses something Dr. Baer or I’ve said in reviews, research papers, or commencement speeches.  It’s an honor to me.  And If you Google, Karen Overhill, Dr. Baer and Switching Time you will discover there are over 904,000 mentions of us.  All free publicity.
Thank you for complimenting my answers.  That means so much to me.  I promise to be aware, stay cautious, and will try my best to trust the right people to help me accomplish my work.
Thank you for your advice.

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