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Richard Baer on Jan 20th 2009

Comment by V on January 20, 2009 1:13 am

Hey K,

Great answers on TUSoT board! I ordered your book after reading your comments. I’m impressed! What an honor for a real person who actually suffered from, as you say, multiplicity to share your personal thoughts on a show. A comedy show, no less? Your added information has been of great help.

Don’t get upset with the naysayers, they’re ignorant. A show like this was needed. My beef with it is it should be yours. Richard Baer is an amazing therapist to have dealt with you. I doubt I could treat you? If you walked through my door, seriously, I would’ve sent you off to someone else. Yes, I am a counselor, never had a patient like you, and hope not to. At least not until I have more knowledge. I am privileged to learn from Switching Time. I am in the process of adding a few classes to my list in hope to better understand all psychological illness’. Switching Time, TUSoT has sparked interest and I’m going for it.

Great Job! Richard Baer and Karen Overhill, what an accomplishment!


Dear V,

Thank you so much for all of your compliments!  Dr. Baer and I truly appreciate hearing your thoughts on Switching Time and my comments. I am not offended by those who criticize or disbelieve in the illness MPD/DID; it’s just their own personal opinions.  I refuse to get angry over ignorance.  I know first hand the truth about surviving multiplicity.  Sure, it would’ve been nice if my story was chosen for this show, however, my story is real, non-fiction, and The United States of Tara is fiction.

I agree, Richard Baer was an amazing therapist, however, he also had a tough time treating me. I am lucky to have found him. As a therapist yourself, it’s important for me to share that when treating someone like me, there’s never a dull moment, but although it’s exhausting and time consuming, it can possibly be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career.  MPD is rare, and not many therapists come across a patient who had suffered so horrifically that she needed to create alters to survive.  Good therapists are always needed.

Please have patience in your continued studies.  In reading Switching Time you have already gained more knowledge than Richard Baer had before I walked into his office. That is one reason we decided to share our journey.  Sure, it was difficult for both of us, but I am very grateful Dr. Baer didn’t chase me out of his office or hand me off to someone else.

I wish you all the best!


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