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Karen answers Rayviki

Richard Baer on Aug 18th 2013

Comment by Rayviki on 18 Dec 2012 at 3:30 am

Hi karen did u recover frm ur personalities or not yet…?

Dear Rayviki,

Yes, I have recovered successfully with integration of all seventeen of my alters in 1998. Not one alter has returned. I live my life as one without dissociation. I highly doubt my alters will ever return. They have been merged within me and we are now me. One woman. No alters.

I’m very happy to be me. Thank you for your question,


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Karen answers Carrington

Richard Baer on Aug 18th 2013

Comment by Carrington on 03 Jan 2013 at 3:32 pm

Hello Karen. Are you still here? It has been rumored you died? I see your facebook account is active and can’t get on. Don’t give up. You ARE the only documented story of full integration that I could find. Your story can challenge many stories. Stop Hiding. It is my belief that if you had used your real name and whereabouts people could find you. Where can we send you a letter? Where the hell is Baer?

Carrington, UK

Dear Carrington,

Yes, I’m still here. No, I have not died. And yes, I’m still active on Facebook!

Please know that I’ve recently cleaned up my Facebook account and can now add on more friends! Thank you for your friendship and sharing that my story is the only full integration story you’ve found. I love a challenge and welcome any and all questions regarding my former multiplicity. It’s best for all to gain knowledge and to be of help to each other.

I know I’ve been on and off my blog the last few years, but I’ve been healing in another way.  I’ve left behind abuse, dysfunction, and chaos. It may appear that I’m hiding, but it’s not my intention to hide. I’m still learning and healing and trying my best to live my life as one woman.

I’m sorry but I do not have a secure mailing address at this time, but I’ll share it when available. In the meantime, you can write to me here or through the message section on Facebook. I currently live in Texas and Dr. Baer lives in Chicago.

Thank you.


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Karen answers Jonny

Richard Baer on Aug 12th 2013

Comment by Jonny on 29 Nov 2012 at 4:59 pm

Hi Karen. why no movie yet? Is it because Random House published instead of Time Warner? Will your memoirs be published the same way? Go with Time Warner so a movie can become a possibilty. The dark side intrigues me. Quite a fascinating life. Where are you now?

Dear Jonny,

Movie? Not sure, but I can say that my story would make a great movie.  Maybe someday there will be an offer. Dr. Baer and I have discussed the possibility, and there has been interest, but no deal yet. Time will tell. Maybe after the sequel is published?

I can’t answer the question regarding Random House vs. Time Warner, though it’s my understanding that Time Warner produces movies and documentaries. Good question to look into… thank you for asking.  The sequel may include some “dark side”, but hopefully in an inspirational tone.

Today I live in Texas and Dr. Baer lives in Chicago. We’re both doing well.

Thank you for your interest in our future work.


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Karen answers Mad Zakri

Richard Baer on Aug 12th 2013

Comment by Mad Zakri on 26 Nov 2012 at 9:26 am

I learned much from your story…hope u enjoy your life…free your burden…

Dear Mad Zakri,

I’m glad my story was helpful. Thank you for sharing! I’m doing my best to enjoy my life, free of burden. But realistically, burden is a reality in my life that comes and goes. What I do to help myself is face each burden straight on with optimism, knowing that with the lessons I’ve learned in therapy and by having faith, I can overcome whatever comes before me.


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Karen answers Bulldog

Richard Baer on Aug 12th 2013

Comment by Bulldog on 24 Nov 2012 at 12:13 pm

I have tried unsuccessful for ten years to get help for past trauma. Therapy has caused more distress even spiritual ritual abuse. I do not know how to get help because the therapist I have seen since my mom’s death are causing more harm. Could you help?

I have been waiting for fifty years for it to be okay.


Dear Bulldog,

Though this posting is coming far later than you have written, it’s my hope you received my earlier message. I’m sorry you have not found a qualified therapist to help you. I empathize with your concerns, but know that it takes time to build rapport with a therapist. Please give a new therapist a chance to get to know you before losing hope. I personally had a difficult time when I started therapy with Dr. Baer. I once thought of my therapist as a threat and not very helpful. I asked myself many questions: How could he possibly understand what I have experienced? Why would he want to help me? What if he didn’t believe me? Will he quit on me because I was too much too handle? Would he lock me up if I told him I wanted to suicide?

Therapy can be frightening. It scared me half to death, but it was well worth the investment. I healed and you can, too! Please don’t give up. Remember, it’s taken you forty years to get to this point of wanting help. The last ten years may not have brought you a sense of calm, but it’s never too late to receive help. Have faith!

Wishing you all my best as you journey to wellness!


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Karen answers Belle

Richard Baer on Aug 12th 2013

Comment by Belle on 10 Nov 2012 at 4:13 pm

Hi Karen,

I am wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful you shared your story and to tell you the truth it helped me to survive my disability. I almost ended my life but woke up after reading Switching Time. Tell Richard Baer thanks for me. Hope you stay well.

Dear Belle,

Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes! Hopefully you received my message sent through Facebook long ago…I’m glad to hear my story helped you through your journey. I’m also glad to hear from you and know that you chose to live! Dr. Baer has read your thank you and appreciates your good wishes.

Be safe, stay well, and know you can still find me here or on Facebook!

Blessings sent your way!


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Karen answers Angela

Richard Baer on Aug 12th 2013

Comment by Angela on 10 Nov 2012 at 2:11 pm

Do Not give up Karen. You have the answer. You have faith and we need to hear your part of your story. You can do it! Get your book down! Why doesn’t your doctor or agent help you? You are not to be forgotten!


Dear Angela,

I will never ever give up! Though I do admit to have a few challenging moments. I don’t have all the answers, but it would be nice to receive a few answers to my prayers to help move me forward when I am feeling blue. I’m human and I do feel blue at times… the difference is now I can identify those times and change my thoughts. My healing journey is a lifetime journey. What I do know is that there’s nothing I can’t deal with when my faith is strong. It takes time to heal.

Thank you for sharing your interest in a new book!  I have faith that it will happen!  I’ve been writing.  Dr. Baer has not received my writing yet, but I hope to send it to him soon. There’s a revision that needs to be included: an exciting turn of events. Once Dr. Baer reads through my writing, we’ll decide together the best course of action.

Thank you for your compliments about my contribution through sharing my story.  That means a lot to me!


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Karen answers Loren

Richard Baer on Aug 12th 2013

Comment by Loren on 05 Nov 2012 at 3:20 pm

Hi Karen,

You are AWESOME! What inspiration you bring to people who hurt. Keep your spirit moving forward. Thank you and can’t wait to read your memoires.


Dear Loren,

Thank you for your kind compliment and for encouraging me to write. I’m currently writing a sequel to Switching Time. I love to write and it’s my desire to encourage hope through sharing my continued progress. During the last five years since Switching Time was published, I have grown ten-fold. It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride. I’m pleased with all the life lessons I’ve experienced, the good and the bad, especially the last two years. I can’t wait to share with everyone!


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Karen answers Teresa

Richard Baer on Jul 24th 2013

Comment by Teresa on 31 Oct 2012 at 5:43 pm


First, I so admire your courage and perseverance in your recovery. I wish you and your children a lifetime of happiness!

I wanted to ask you about your abusers; have any been turned over to law enforcement? What about the priest? If he is alive, he is probably still abusing?

Thank you again for your courage and sharing your story.

Teresa Kettelkamp

Dear Teresa,

Thank you for your sweet compliments, especially for my children, who by the way, are doing wonderfully and are strong-willed and confident adults!

Regarding my past abusers, yes, a few have been arrested. The priest died many years ago and was never arrested, fined, or reprimanded. The priest never physically abused me, but he witnessed the filming of the abuse and never received punishment. Sadly, although he knew, he allowed the abuse to happen. In my eyes, he was an abuser, and should have been sent to prison. Abuse is Abuse.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how much, what kind, or how long… all should have been punished.


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Karen answers Rebel

Richard Baer on Jul 24th 2013

Comment by Rebel on 29 Sep 2012 at 9:50 am
Dear Karen,
I’m a skeptic who read your story. Amazing write. Unbelievable, yet believable. Why do I write you? Because I’ve been there and experienced the same type of abuse and no one, let me repeat that NO ONE, believed in me BUT you experienced and can identify the unmistakenably accurate horrorific pain in a way that helps me understand me. How in God’s name did you do this? Where did you come from? Thanks a bunch! God be with you forever.
Dear Rebel,
Thank you for your message! I’m glad to hear from you! Yes, it’s true not many believed me; actually I tried my best to hide in plain sight, in fear of people who did not believe me. It’s difficult for those who have not experienced the pain from abuse to comprehend the emotional and physical pain that sets you apart from everybody.
Funny you ask how I did this? I don’t know, but do know it took help from my therapist, alters, and the friends who believed in me. I came from nowhere in particular and lived a lifetime everywhere within my mind until now. These days I’m feeling well and happy to be alive in Texas.
God bless you!

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